About Sophie

authentic, handmade and customised leather goods

Sophie Recour believes in sustainable design. 

Away from the industry, mass production and over-consumption, she follows a course of unique, customised and small editions. This brings her to a style of pure and timeless simplicity. Her creations give back to people a product to cherish and to hold, with the possibility to adapt to one's individual needs.

Away from a global style, where all around the world 'things' look the same - whether you shop in Antwerp, or shop in NY, or travel to Japan - she follows the course of local. Handmade in her Atelier in Antwerp, with leather that is vegetable tanned in Belgium.

In 1995 Sophie graduated with mention at the Media, Arts & Design Faculty in Genk.

Since she has always been passionate about shoes, she developed a collection of exclusive baby shoes as her graduation project.

The publicity generated by this project led her to a career as a designer, in charge of the creation and development of international footwear collections.

In the mean time, she created and launched the brand PADOUM. Footwear for the smallest with a high quality standard.

Learning about handcraft and pattern making was a perfect fulfilment of her knowledge. After all those years of closely working with modelists, she now learned to create her own prototypes.

Not only shoes, but also handbags and accessories make now part of her passion for handwork and craftsmanship. All products shown on this site are designed by and handmade by Sophie Recour.

Are you interested in buying one of her products? Are you interested in working with her on a freelance base?

Please don't hesitate to contact her.